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“Conquer reality, rise above the rest”

What is Artemi

Artemi is a mobile game that blends the real and digital worlds. Players capture territories in the real world by competing with other players in engaging mini-games.

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Upon entering the game, a player's real-world location syncs with a virtual map inside the game, turning a neighborhood walk into an exploratory adventure. Players can see their avatars moving on a futuristically depicted map of the real world. The goal is clear - locate nodes on the map and take control of them.

To capture a node, a player must excel in one of the many mini-games designed to test different skills. If a player achieves the highest score in that mini-game, they take control of the node. Capturing three or more nodes grants the player territory on the map, laying the foundation for their empire and moving them closer to the goal of global domination.

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Find Your Territory

Wherever you are in the world, enter Artemi and compete in the race to become the ultimate territory hunter!

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